With thinning eyebrows due to a medical condition and after 2 years of deliberatation and research, I finally decided to have my eyebrows micro bladed. 
I had a personal recommendation from a friend to go to Pam at The Perfect Touch. The whole process was fantastic from start to finish. Pam put me so at ease, explaining the procedure and guiding me through the various options for shape and colour, working with me until we found what suited my face. On my follow up appointment she 'tweaked' the look until I was completely happy. I've had several compliments from friends on how its changed my appearance and how natural they look, they all want to know where I had them done. 
Thank you Pam for your expertise and amazing results, I cannot emphasise enough how it's boosted my confidence, it's made such a difference.
Dawn W,

Fourteen years ago I had a double mastectomy, and twelve months later had a reconstruction.

They used skin from my back to do this, and although it was successful, I would have needed another operation to reconstruct the nipples. I did not want any further surgery, and my new boobs gave me back my self respect again, but to be honest there was always something missing - I did not feel particularly feminine.

Pam at New Image told me about the wonderful procedure she had trained to do and she would be able to reconstruct my nipples using medical micropigmentation.

I did not hesitate! I totally trusted Pam, and the procedure (2 treatments) was almost painless, the skin took about 2 weeks to recover. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. They look amazing and completely natural, and even my husband cannot believe how great they look! I feel whole again, and at the age of 66 years I can barely refrain from saying to anyone and everyone- "just take a look at these"

I did however show my friend and she said that I could quite happily sunbathe topless, and nobody would guess they weren't real. Thank you so much Pam, you are very talented. You made me feel like  a new woman.

Anne Syfried,

Simply love my new eyebrows! After years of pencilling in and trying hard to get my brows to look even,at last they are 'perfect' ! I cannot even begin tell you the difference this has made to self esteem. Thank you Pam.

Emma Hardister,

I am so pleased that I chose Pam to do my eyebrows, they look so natural. Brilliant ! She is also really very nice.

Eva Leslie,

Waking up to eyeliner every day is the best present I ever gave myself. No smudging, especially when I swim is so great.

Angie F,

Waking up with eyebrows and not spending upto 45 mins everyday getting them even is absolutely wonderful. I cannot thank Pam enough for putting me at my ease and helping me to achieve the perfect eybrow for me. I love them !!

Hannah R.,

I just wanted to let you know how well my eyebrows are healing and to say that I am so very, very grateful for the fantastic work you have done. You have no idea how much confidence this has given me and I will be forever thankful to you.


I recently had my eyeliner done by Pam. The results are brilliant. I don't feel the need to put eye make up on every morning, it has made such a difference. I wish I'd had it done years ago! It was pain free and Pam took her time and used her expertise to make sure they were perfect. Thank you. Kate M

Kate M,

Just had my eyebrows done with Pam, I was over the moon with the end result, no pain. I was so thrilled with this treatment that I had my lips and eyeliner done as well, I look and feel like a new woman- Thank you Pam.

Angela Fahy,

I have just had my eyebrows done by Pam. Wow, I am absolutely thrilled with the results - well done and thank you very much Pam.

Jane Hardaker,

The lip liner Pam has created for me my makes my lips look much fuller and I now have the lips that nature should have given me!!


I wanted to thank Pam for my eyeliner, it is very natural and as I am so fair I feel that my eyes are now visible! I'm booking in for my eyebrows now as I am so happy! Pam was professional and approachable throughout and I knew I could trust her ! 

Karen Cordy,

Pam at New Image has been my beauty guru for some years now. I initially sought her out due to having spent too many years in the wilderness with a great loss of confidence in my personal image which was the result of having bad acne damage on my face which made me feel extremely self-conscious. So self-conscious in fact that I couldn't have spoken to anyone about the problem without acute embarrassment. Pam has been brilliant and has managed to greatly restore my confidence. I have recently committed myself to the Meso Vytal Cell Boost programme- a series of six week treatments. I cannot commend this more highly, not only has it greatly reduced my facial scarring, but it has also removed (yes, removed!) all fine lines around my eyes and made me both feel and look a good twenty years younger. This is no gimmick because it really does work. I now feel happy and confident and am still only two-thirds of the way through the programme. I promise you, hand on heart, you will not be disappointed. I feel I owe Pam so much, she is restorative in so many ways and nothing is ever too much trouble for her. I am, as they say, in her hands... 

Angie H


I cannot tell you how much I love my eyeliner! I came to Pam as she was recommended to me by a friend and I go on lots of hot holidays and swim constantly. As I am so fair my eyes look awful without some colour.

I had my eyeliner done locally last year but it had all but dissappeared and I was never very much impressed with it.

I have just had my 2nd follow up session with Pam and Wow! 100 times better. Love it ! 

Jean Trow,

'Pam was very professional. It was a discreet and pain free service.  My new lips have given me so much more confidence in myself.  

Miss Phillips, Yeovil

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