Does it hurt?

Some clients feel nothing at all others mild discomfort. Topical numbing cream is used to control any discomfort. I have known clients nearly fall asleep when having brows!

How long will it last? This difficult to answer as it depends on your individual skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure and the colour applied. Generally, as a guideline, the results lasts for several years however the pigment does fade with time so I recommend an annual boost of colour/touch up.

What can I expect when you perform the treatment?

Firstly, we take photos and discuss colour. I apply topical numbing cream and whilst this takes it time to work I analyse your face and requirements. We also complete the necessary forms! The shape will be designed with your involvement and when you are happy we complete the procedure. We then take photos afterwards. I allow 2 hours per an appointment If you are undertaking several procedures such as eyeliner and brows allow 2/3 hours.

Do I need a patch test?

The products used are sterile and hypo-allergenic however I advise a patch test 48 hours before we commence.

Why do I need a second visit?

I always proceed with caution when performing a procedure on a new client, believing that ‘ less is best’ It is very easy to go darker or thicker on the second visit when everything has healed and I can judge how your skin reacts to the pigment. The second visit ensures you are happy and we can ‘tweak’ anything needed.

What does it look like immediately afterwards?

The treated area appears darker and the colour is much more intense. This last 3/5 days, until the healing, takes place. Your skin may look pink and you may experience some whiteness around the area, as the topical numbing cream wears off this will disappear within one hour. The area goes through several stages – Heal, Peel, Fade and Return. The true colour emerges some 4 weeks after the treatment which is why I offer the second visit only after this time elapse. I cannot touch the area until a minimum of 4 weeks has gone by.

Can I have Cosmetic injections?

Yes, but only 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks after micro pigmentation procedures.

Can I use a sunbed or go in the sun?

You should not use a sunbed on the area treated for at least 4 weeks when the healing process has completed. Even then you must realise that the intense UV light of a sunbed or a holiday in bright sunshine means that the pigment in your semi permanent makeup will fade much more quickly.

If you like to have a tan on your face then I recommend that you use a good facial fake tan and use a high factor sunblock when sunbathing or on holiday. If you use the sunbed please cover your face. This will prevent you ageing your facial skin and help to keep your semi permanent make up fresh.

You should not give blood for 6 months or have laser treatments over the treated area.

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