Eyebrows instantly frame your face – a perfectly groomed pair of eyebrows instantly gives your face a lift emphasising your eyes – the correct shape, colour and placement can literally take years off you! The perfect arch can lift the whole eye area giving you the appearance of a mini face lift!


Subtle hair strokes can add definition to your natural brows or recreate them if you have sparse hair. Please book a free consultation and Pam will explain how each person's needs differ and your eyebrows will be designed by listening to your ideas and wishes. Pam has spent many years now guiding and advising clients and can achieve many looks from classically elegant to a modern full high definition brow.


Pam is one of very few permanent make artists offering Micro blading for eyebrows! This is one of latest techniques sweeping the semi permanent make up world. The results of micro blading give very crisp, fine and incredibly natural looking hair stroke.

Trained by the world-renowned permanent makeup trainer Rebecca Chung, Pam is proud to be offering this technique to her clients.


Ombre brows are the very latest trend overtaking Europe. This technique has a soft powdered look with sharp defined lower line, a light diffused upper line and centre front which creates a soft but 3D brow shape and design. Many celebrities are opting for this technique as it gives a defined but not overdone look on the red carpet!

Very popular for all ages!


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