I have completed my master class in medical tattoo.

Reconstruction Nipple and Areola after breast surgery.

For many, this signals the finishing touch after a hard and difficult journey with cancer. Having experienced myself breast cancer I understand the emotions that many women experience.



Now you are a client not a patient and regard areola tattooing a cosmetic completion after the wonderful work the doctors do to construct your breast.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work and a chance for me to use my skills to enrich somebody’s life.


MCA Dry Needling to Flatten scars. Camouflage tattoo to disguise.

Using MCA dry needling technique scar tissue can be flattened and reduced. In some cases, the scar re-pigments naturally and seems much less of a concern as it blends in with the surrounding skin.


Camouflage skin coloured pigments can be implanted to help disguise unsightly areas.

Please book in for an informal chat to find out how I can help with scars etc. anywhere on the body.

Prices vary according to area and application.


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Latest News

'Ombre' brows available 'Ombre' brows available 06.02.2017

Pam has now completed her training with Claire Hobson in 'Ombre' brows.

This is a soft gradulated shaded brow which is suitable for everyone and all ages. Popular with celebrities and models as it looks soft and natural in photos.